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50 Books In '06

Bookworms Unite!

50 Books in 2006
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This is a journal for people participating in the 50 Book Project. The goal of the 50 Book Project is to read 50 books in a calendar year - so 2006.

You can post here when you've finished a book, updating your count. You can also ask for book recommendations or recommend books to people looking for something new to read.

As for the 50 Book Project itself, there really aren't any set rules. You just have to read 50 books. Different people have set different rules for themselves, such as amount of non-fiction read, someone has mentioned wanting to read banned books in 2006, or you might count everything, including the chapter books you read to your 5 year old before bed. It's up to you! But this is a place for us to discuss what we're doing.
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